Monday, February 15, 2010

Give Your External HDD a cOoL IcOn

Bored!! of boring default icons...wanna change the icons of your external HDD..!
Damn Easy...

Step 1: Get a Disc.ico file and keep it in oyur drive.(Image of icon you want to give to your drive.)

Step 2: Just write this in notepad file and save it as "autorun.inf" and keep it in your drive.




Restart your drive and you are done!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Speed Up Your Internet

I wanted to download videos of about 3gb from internet. But with my previous internet speed it would have taken days but then i found Internet Download Manager....
It will really boost up your download speed.
You can Download it for free from ...


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Screenshot and Event Reminder Software

Well these software are no big but they are very useful and FREE.......

One is Greenshot which can take different type of screen shots and you can also edit it at the amount of just few Kilo Bytes of space..... You can download it for free from....

And the other one is Animated reminder....which is very simple, funny and can download it for free from...


Run Your HD Videos With no Trouble anymore

I was very much frustrated by not being able to run Hi-def movies on my any of players so i went on a quest for the search of a player that serves my needs and i got this.... (Download link)....This is a cool free player that will run all your Hi-def movies without any trouble.

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