Monday, March 29, 2010

Back up your registry

Hey registry is very important in working of your PC. Half of your software problems can be solved in seconds if you have good knowledge of registry files. But even if you don't have you can keep a backup of it. In case of any problem you just have to double click the file and check.

By the way it take seconds to backup all registry files.

  • Open RUN
  • type "regedit" without quotes
  • file>>export
  • give a file name and select location
  • click Save
You are done!!

Trouble with .exe solved !!

Recently by mistake i opened an .exe file with my browser and the field that says always use this program to open this format was also checked.

After that it was horrible...every time i tried to execute an .exe file. It would open in browser and download something. In short i wasn't able to execute .exe in windows!!

Actually that action created a open with registry under .exe format and all i needed to do was to delete it.

If you are in same situation then either manually delete it or download this file and double click on it (it's not an .exe file)....

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Make YOur Blog Look Better

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