Monday, May 3, 2010

Run .exe on Ubuntu

Well many of us don't want to use windows at all but we are forced to use because of unavailability of some software. You can run your .exe files on Ubuntu (or any other unix based OS, i haven't tested it) by using software called wine.
You can install wine :

Using Terminal:

you can also install using synaptic manager.

Here i am taking uTorrent as an example and you can put any .exe also replace ankit by your username in commands given below. your .exe on desktop.
2.Right click on desktop and click create launcher
3.write following in the pop-up you receive after creating launcher. as shown below.

In Command textbox you have to write this

4.You need to make a Directory(Folder) on specified Target(in terminal).

5.Now you need to move your file from Desktop to /home/ankit/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/u Torrent/

to do this, as you have placed your .exe on desktop you need to type this..

6. Now run the launcher and you are done!!

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