Sunday, September 26, 2010

Create a Temporary Swap file in Ubuntu

SomeTimes you may have to run a program that consumes more of your Main Memory and you may need more swap memory. Well, One way to create a temporary swap file is described below....its no way as efficient as original swap. But still it serves the purpose...

first of all, check your present swap space..


Now, lets create a empty swap file..

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Receive mails from Gmail Using Exchange Active Synch In Samsung GT B5310 Corby-Pro

I am using these settings on a wi-fi connection and they work very well.

Caution : Backup your phonebook. It'll format it on first successful synch

So first of all when you click on Exchange active synch it'll ask you for you network. There you select your wi-fi connection and then in server settings...

Server URL:
Password: yourpassword
Domain: google
Use SSL: on

Click Save

It works well for me....hope it helps you too..
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