Sunday, October 31, 2010

Having a Proxy Trouble In Ubuntu Terminal (1 step solution)

We all have some proxy issues in our college and we do all sort of things to set it right. Recently I faced a bizarre problem of not being able to get rid of my proxy settings in Ubuntu terminal.

I reset it, at all places I knew to set proxy but still each time when I started my terminal, it automatically started connecting to proxy server.

The problem was that i was not able to reset the environment variables. You can check it by typing following in terminal:

set | grep proxy


echo $http_proxy

It will show you if you have any value set to your proxy variable.

Run any set of commands while launching Terminal

Many times we want some default set of commands to run in terminal whenever we start a new instance of it and there's a way to avoid typing the commands every time you login......
All you need is to add the commands in ~/.bashrc Configuration file.

I have taken the example of printing some message but you can almost write any command and make it run.
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