Sunday, October 31, 2010

Having a Proxy Trouble In Ubuntu Terminal (1 step solution)

We all have some proxy issues in our college and we do all sort of things to set it right. Recently I faced a bizarre problem of not being able to get rid of my proxy settings in Ubuntu terminal.

I reset it, at all places I knew to set proxy but still each time when I started my terminal, it automatically started connecting to proxy server.

The problem was that i was not able to reset the environment variables. You can check it by typing following in terminal:

set | grep proxy


echo $http_proxy

It will show you if you have any value set to your proxy variable.

To set or unset it temporarily all you need is to type following in terminal:

To set :

export HTTP_PROXY= 
 if it need your username and password
export HTTP_PROXY= 
To unset:
export HTTP_PROXY='' 

To make above changes PERMANENT 

Add the above lines of code in following file and save the file.

Sudo gedit ~/.bashrc
You can use any editor you want. I am using gedit over here. You can also make changes inside terminal only if you are comfortable with vi editor.

To know more about this method refer to run-any-set-of-commands-while-launching.html

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