Sunday, October 31, 2010

Run any set of commands while launching Terminal

Many times we want some default set of commands to run in terminal whenever we start a new instance of it and there's a way to avoid typing the commands every time you login......
All you need is to add the commands in ~/.bashrc Configuration file.

I have taken the example of printing some message but you can almost write any command and make it run.

  1. Open Terminal. Applications>Accessories>Terminal
  2. Type gedit ~/.bashrc in terminal. You can use any editor you want. I am using gedit over here. You can also make changes inside terminal only if you are comfortable with vi editor. 
  3. Just write the commands you want to run!! for example:

This is how it will look. Notice that the command ran as soon as terminal was started. So you can write all kind of commands and make them run.

Tip: you can also run shell scripts. And do all sort of crazy things..:P

Note: Commands requiring root privileges won't run directly. They will ask for password once.

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