Friday, November 19, 2010

Must have Firefox Add-ons for Students

There are hell lot of add-ons available on the web.Its difficult to find useful ones. Here I have compiled a list of some useful add-ons for Firefox. I am a student and I have found them to be a very useful for both studies and fun.

1. Read It Later

This is one of the coolest plug-in for studies. On many occasions we need to save pages for reading later and we don't want to bookmark every one of those pages. It makes the bookmark area crowded and you may not be needing these pages later. So by using this add-on you can make a list and read it off-line as well as online. It also let you create a account with a click of a button and then you can access your list from anywhere. And it is Free!!. You can install it just by clicking on the link given below.

Install: Click here to Install ReadItLater  

2.  Video DownloadHelper

Here is something very useful for the fun part. Many of us use different techniques to download stuff like videos, flash files or any other downloadable file from different sites like Youtube, videos of Facebook, or any other site. Here is simple alternative to all those techniques. After installing it will make a tiny icon on your address bar, will automatically detect downloadable stuff of the site and the icon will start rotating. You can convert your videos into different formats and  there's much more that you can do with this tool. So its a must have!
Install:  Click here to install VideoDownloadHelper
3. FireBug
If you are working with Javascript, html, CSS then you must have this Add-ons. Believe me, this makes life much more easier and you don't need to remember many things that you are trying to remember while working with above technologies.
You can also debug your Javascript code by running line by line. It also shows you the requests sent by browser, DOM tree and many more things. So it is also a must have tool!

Install:Click Here to Install FireBug

4. Web Developer

This is another cool tool for web developers.  It allows you to do different kind of stuff with a web page. It lets you do various things with cookies, CSS, Javascript, Forms, Images. You can also validate your web page or any web page with a single click. It also provides you with a screen ruler to get the size of various elements in the webpage with out any difficulty. And much more...
 Install: Click Here to Install Web Developer

5. GBookmarks

All of us have some frequently used or important sites in our browser and some of us use google bookmarks to access those bookmarks from web. But it is not worth to install google toolbar to just use this particular function. This add-on allows you to bookmark pages and also sync. them with your google account so you can access them from anywhere.

Install: Click here to Download

6. Live Http Headers

 Well Another cool tool for web developers.  It allows you to do debug your page, tells you about the kind of server used on remote machine and you can see the cookies sent to you.

 Install: Click here to Download

7. CoolPreviews

Now with this add-on you can view images and links without leaving current screen. It will show you a preview of link or image in a new small window. It can save lot of your time...

 Install: Click Here to Install CoolPreviews

8. SEO 
If you are into search engine optimization then it is the tool for you. Very cool tool with lots of information and they provide lots of free stuff to

Install: Click Here to Download SEO for firefox

Feel Free to Suggest More!!


Tech solution said...

seo tool bar is one more good add-on for firefox

Ankit Goyal said...

Thanks for the comment and suggestion.
I checked it out and it's really a great tool....
I'll add it in the list soon

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