Sunday, March 25, 2012

Automate your login process in browser at IIT Rajasthan GPRA Campus

If you find the Watch Guard login screen annoying each time you open your browser, then use a script to automate the process.

Only for Google Chrome and Firefox. If you want me to post for some other browser write it in comments.

Download the script

DON'T download the file by Left-Clicking on it. If you did browser will ask you to install it, but before that we'd need to change some parameters.

So Right click on the link and Click Save link as:  IITJ_LogIn 

Make some changes

Now you'd need to save your credentials. Right click on the file that you downloaded and click edit.

Look for these lines and replace YOUR_USERNAME and YOUR_PASSWORD with your username and password.

document.getElementsByName('fw_username')[0].value="YOUR_USERNAME"; document.getElementsByName('fw_password')[0].value="YOUR_PASSWORD"; 

Save the file

Install the script

Google Chrome:

Open the file(you just saved) in Google chrome. You can just drag and drop.

Or Right Click on file -> Open With -> Default Program(if not in the list) -> Choose Google Chrome.

Make sure you uncheck Always use the selected program to open this kind of file.

Click ok.

You'll something like this at bottom:

Click continue.

Click Install.

That's it.

In case you did something wrong or you want to uninstall it. Directions are at the end.

Note: You'll still have to click on "proceed anyway" during the SSL error that you usually get in Google Chrome. I'm still working on managing the certificate.

Mozilla Firefox

As far as I know, Firefox doesn't provide a way to run user scripts without some plug-in. So to run this script you'd need to install Greasemonkey. It will take few seconds.

If the monkey icon is not activated. Just click on it.

Open the file with Firefox. See Google Chrome part to see how to open it in a Browser.

You'll see something like this.

Click install and you're done.

How to uninstall the above script

Google Chrome

Go to Settings -> Options -> Extensions -> Remove

Mozilla Firefox

Uninstall the script:

Go to: Click on the arrow beside the Monkey icon.

Click Manage User Scripts -> Click Remove.

Uninstall Greasemonkey:

Firefox -> Add-ons -> Extensions -> Remove Greasemonkey.

Restart your Browser.


Hope this helps!

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